Monday, 3 May 2010

Day One Of Chicken Pox

Technically, that should actually be ‘Day Four’ as I have had Chicken Pox for four days; it’s just taken that long to figure it out. I am going to have a lot of free time on my hands over the course of the next week due to being stuck at home. A week in which I suppose to be busy and rushed off my feet, with an important Photography Exam has now ended up being a week in which I shall pump my body full of drugs, smother my body in creams, bath in salt, concentrate hard on not scratching and looking like I have brought a cheap Halloween mask. I may be ill, but as of yet I am still in possession of a sense of humour luckily.

I never knew this, but Chicken Pox starts out as the flu (no, not bird flu), and that is when you become contagious. You should stay away from people from that point on. Of course, how do you know the difference between having the flu and having the beginnings of Chicken Pox. Well, you don’t. My flu-like symptoms started Thursday evening, and they began to worsen over the course of Friday. Nothing made me suspect I was going to come out in a rash.
Saturday came around I was still pretty bad, suffering with a sore throat, cold, an aching body and quite dizzy – the symptoms of flu. I was even accused of over-exaggerating and suffering from Man Flu. I had gone to Curry’s to get a new Microwave after our one (which was older than me) finally gave up warming our food up. I had been for a walk to the nearest woods with my camera to get some much needed images for my upcoming exam. I gave up about half way through my normal route due to tiredness. I again thought this was just a cold. Thinking of all the people I saw over the course of those two days makes me feel very guilty.
I saw my friends at school on Friday, who gave me plenty of hugs due to me needing to be consoled. The family with three young children I saw walking through the woods who I acknowledged and all the people in Curry’s on Saturday. I touched the Microwaves. My germs are on them. Some unsuspecting soul will touch them. I have helped to spread Chicken Pox around my local area without even realising it. I am sorry to anyone who gets it as a result of me – but you cannot prove anything, so do not try and sue me!

Sunday was a bit different. I woke up and looked in the mirror to see a few red spots scattered in various places across my body. I put this down to one of two things. Either I had slept in bed with a hungry bed bug that felt the need to eat me or was just the usual spots I get for being a teenager. They didn’t really bother me. I then stupidly/cleverly (depending how you look upon the situation) went onto the Internet to try and discover what kind of bites these were. Could they have been Ticks or an angry Spider? I couldn’t find anything, so I posted a question Yahoo explaining them, to which some person quickly replied ‘Sounds lyk u hav Chicken Pox, unlucky.’ What a kind sentiment. I done some research, and thought it quite possible. However, I’ve had no contact with someone who has Chicken Pox and not many spots, so no longer worried.
Monday morning (Today – Bank Holiday Monday 03/05/2010) and I woke up as normal and touched my face. “Feels unusually lumpy. What is this huge, hard lump on the side of my nose? My forehead! It feels like I’m stroking the surface of the moon.” I laid and worried for a bit, before mustering up the courage to get out of bed, turn the light on and take a peak in the mirror. The words that followed cannot be repeated. I go downstairs; announce to my parents I probably have Chicken Pox before getting on the phone and contacting the Doctor. Bank Holiday, and of course no-one is there. Try the emergency number, and before I can even tell anyone what is wrong with me, I have to give them all my information. Name, where I live, age, medical history – the lot. Lucky it wasn’t a life or death situation because they would have been asking for time of death as well. After a few phone calls of the same tedious nature, I got an appointment at the hospital.

Got to the hospital and immediately was put in a waiting room full of children with broken bones and what-not. I pointed out that this maybe was not a great idea, and was then sent to a more appropriate waiting room. Doctor was quick and thorough, even if a slight idiot. I’m walking in with a body full of red blotches and he asks ‘What seems to be the problem?’ Well, I probably was not walking in with a broken leg was I. Quickly agreed with me that I had Chicken Pox, and wrote me out a prescription of drugs. I have spent the rest of the day sitting at home, thinking about everything I will be missing this week, all the wasted photography work I have done this year thanks to missing the exam and what to fill my time with.

Inevitably, I will be sent work from the school when I contact them tomorrow, but that will not really take me long. I concluded that my time will be taken up by watching lots of TV and DVD, as well as Tweeting, blogging and getting incredibly depressed, as is always the way when I get ill. That is why I have created this blog. I will update my usual, favourite, and popular blog slightly more regularly than normal. This blog will enable me to write my way out of annoyance and maybe even help people who get Chicken Pox. A new blog will be posted here tomorrow.

Ciao for now!

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